Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fire in the hole

Long time no blog. If you haven't heard, my entire stock was destroyed two weeks ago by a raging thermostat. I am now, reluctantly, the N. Shore's resident expert on cooked wine. Upon entering store Monday morning, two weeks past, I realized I was cooked as well. Temp. was about 90-95 and that is not good. Fortunately my insurance was paid up and on the money as everything was covered. Trying between 80-90 different wines I thought I'd share my perceptions. First of all, the tannic reds were worse than worthless. Nothing but bitter, dry dusty flavors on the finish. Surprisingly the nose and entry were fine on all wines. It was the middle and finish that was devoid of fruit. The white wines were "drinkable" as my daughter opined so I gave her six bottles and trashed the rest. I wouldn't drink and thought them dull and lifeless but in a sangria?? It was tough to throw out some expensive favorites but one has to be brave in times like these. Actually I've saved some wines too difficult to trash and try 1 or 2 per evening hoping to salvage one. No luck. Ch. Monbousquet, Silver Oak, Matrot Volnay, Ruinart, what a pity. My favorite, Felsina 04' reserva--the last of the vintage--oh well. We are all restocked with fresh, new product and all is well again.
Some interesting news for June 12th. One of my suppliers and I have conjured up a high end wine tasting and sale for that night, Thursday 5:00-8:00. He will bring some very special wines from California and Italy for your sampling and purchase. All wines will be discounted 15% / bottle for that night and 20% for a case. Wine are--Drums please

1. Landmark 05 "Overlook" Chardonnay. reg. $32.00 Bottle $27.00 case $25.60
2. Ramey 06 Russian River Chardonnay $44.00 $37.00 $35.20
3. Ramey 05 "Richie" Vineyard Chard. $75.00 $64.00 $60.00
4. Chappellet 05 Napa, Cabernet $50.00 $42.50 $40.00
5. Ca'marcanda(Gaja)05' "Promis" $50.00 . $42.50 $40.00
6. Ca'Marcanda (Gaja)05' "Magari" $84.00 $71.40 $67.20

Ca'Marcanda is a Gaja project in Tuscany and bears his indisputable genius. Mark it on your calendar. It's time to live it up.

Finally, you all know how I like to name drop so I would be remiss if I didn't mention a nice visit from my old friend Matteo Ascheri from Piedmont, Italy. Matteo stopped by last week when I was re stocking and amidst hugs and pledges of great friendship we tried his wines. I know you are going to say I'm not an objective taster but regardless, all his wines shone. Perfect Gavi, excellent Arneis, friendly Dolcetto, lip smacking Barbera and sublime Barolo. I bought some of his 04 Sorano vineyard Barolo and when it comes in, Barolo fans, you must buy. Again, sublime. A case of very good man making very good wine. It's nice when that happens. See you again soon Matteo.