Saturday, March 1, 2008

Le Piane

Oftentimes the wine business is fun, exciting and educational but seldom all at once as it was here Fri. night Feb., 29th. We were treated to a visit from Christoph Kunzli owner of "Le Piane" as previoully mentioned and he did not disappoint. Large, affable, gregarious and seemingly continually happy, Christoph is, I guess, the 'perfect" winemaker. Somebody we all would like to meet on their own turf, and just happens to make incredible wines. He loves his wines and he loves the people who are interested in his wines as he showed during our two plus hours of tasting. Totally at ease and without pretense he had us engrossed (and jealous) in life on a vineyard in N. Piedmont. Unfortunately the tasting was so busy I was unable to write any real notes on the individual wines. My wife, Susan was ferrying different tastes to me at the register without vintage knowledge as I went from wine to wine just pleased to be there. I know they were full of spice, tobacco, fruit, earth and had an almost perfect mouth feel with a weight that was at once full yet delicate, not in the least heavy. For better notes try, "A Passionate Foodie", or "smells like grape". I bet they'll have good notes.
We will remember our visit with Christoph fondly for years to come and enjoy his wines while we do. Good luck, Christoph.

One more reminder of our Bordeaux tasting this Tues. March 4th. Also, last call for Cabernet class. March 13th.

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