Thursday, March 6, 2008

Notes on Bordeaux

Last Tues., the 4th we had a good crowd over to try the 05 Bordeaux's we sell. Surprisingly,because of the euro, I found the wines to be exceptional values. We tried just five reds, but each one had a personality and character all there own(what else is new) and are worthy of your consideration. Were talking 1. Ch. Des Jaubertes, a Graves with considerable talent at $9.99. Fairly tough with dry tannins but good black fruit and earth flavors and a very dry finish. This wine cemented my belief that Bordeaux's generally need the company of food more than any other wine. I liked as is but all of these would benefit a steak, duck or lamb and vice versa. Next a smoother velvety Medoc, Ch. Clos de Verdun. Smooth, fairly soft entry is followed by good grip and fresh clean berry and spice flavors that is eminently drikable. The Wall Street Journal "Best Buy", Ch. Au Grand Paris is, and I quote "lovely, with restrained but abundent fruit, red berry tastes and some complexity. Could age some." Couldn't have put it better--that's why they pay them the big $$. Next up, the ever popular, Ch. Mylord, an 87-88 pt Wine Advocate best buy probably the best of Jaubertes (dry, earthy) and Verdun(ripe, fruity) that was the tasting favorite. Dry and fruity seem contradictive but when tasting Bordeaux's you see perfectly the stlye I'm referring to. Finally, to reward the faithful, we opened a 2000 Medoc, Ch. La Cardonne. Ageing beautifully, this elegant example showed nice tobacco, spice and delicate herbal notes, with soft mature tannis. It is the quintessential "affordable($23.00) mature, Bordeaux.

Next Tues., the 11th we will try to impress you with our "everyday" values. A collection of under $10.00 wines that are increasingly hard to source. With the euro at an all time high, these affordable, drinkable, inexpensive wines are tough to come by. Unless you shop at SWI. Come and see for yourself. Always free, always 6:30, bring glass if possible.

Class for Cabernet night, the 13th almost full. Call or e-mail if interested.

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