Sunday, February 3, 2008

Italian Tasting

This Tues. the 5th of Feb., we will be trying our best selection yet. Joining us to moderate this time will be Salems' own, Eileen Wright. Eileen is responsible for importing the wines we will try and for that I'm forever grateful, and I think you will agree. It makes my life a lot more fun (not to mention, successful) with wine such as hers. We will try; 1. Martilde, "Gelo" white--from Oltrepo Pavese, 2, La Maggiorina, from Boca in the Piedmont, 3. The rustic, earthy, Bonarda also from Martilde, 4. The near spectacular Solatione Chianti Classico. 5. the intriging and delicious Teroldego Rotaliano (great name) from Trentino. # 6 will be a surprise Eileen will bring. Don't miss this one if you can help it.

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