Friday, February 1, 2008

New Arrivals

Just received some new, unusual wines in--- 2 Italian, a Teroldego, and a Lagrein. A new item from Austria, Zweigelt and the return of a favorite, the Italain white from Martilde with the sheep dog on the label( in case you didn't remember name). The Teroldego is smooth, velvety and with a tart finish. Kinda like a high toned Zinfandel. It would go very well with lamb, game or a steak. The Lagrien is from the Alto Adige in N. Italy and is a local grape not found many other places. Notice I hedged my bet. I'm sure someone uses it elsewhere but ??? It is a smokey(slightly) medium full bodied with good fruit, depth and grip. Try with pizza (lotta topings) rosemary flavored stew, of any persuasion, or barbecue. The Zweigelt is the most popular of Austrian reds and is a user friendly styly similar to beaujolais with good grapy freshness. Chill a bit and enjoy. The Martilde, called "Gelo" if some recall is fresh, fun and elegant. I won't devulge grape unless you come in. Company secret, but you would never guess. Great new Swiss white coming later today will be a favorite I do believe. Eric

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