Thursday, February 7, 2008

Valentines Day

The wine, flower, chocolate shop savior--Valentines Day. How unromantic you get with a retail business. Anyway I have gone to great extremes to meet your romantic needs in the way of the grape. First off a very commercial sounding name that just happened to have very good and (Salem Wine Imports favorite) unusual grapes. The names, gulp, "You are so Nice", and "You are so Pretty". Before I go any further and my loyal readership(?) thinks I've gone chain store on them let me tell you these are seriouly good wines. From the "Louis/Dressner firm that specializes in Loire Valley wines these two energetic and nervy wines are fruit driven charmers, in bottle as well as out. Slightly different in composition and flavor they are predominately Cot, better known as Malbec, with some gamay in Nice and Pineau D'aunis in Pretty. Take one or both home, smile while presenting, open and -- who knows? Made for us who are really romantic, we just can't express it.

Just introduced to a Bargain Rose Champagne. So pretty the sight of it coming over the threshold alone could save many a marriage. Beautiful color, beautiful flavors, beautiful price($39.99).

For something entirely different a "Vin de Bugy from the village of Cerdon near the Swiss border in France. Far away from any premier vinyard area this small VDQS produces this charmer of low alcohol, good effervescense, and off dry berry flavors that is a great match for chocolate cake or as an aperitif in front of the fire. Boy, if that isn't romantic enough I hear it's an aphrodisiac.

Just a reminder--No tasting the 12th but yes on the 19th. Emerging countries. Swiss, Austria, Greece, etc. Thanks Eric
PS special bottles open Sundays around 3:00.

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