Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wine maker visit

Just booked a visit from a stellar producer of Piedmontese wines to our humble wine shop. February 29, at 6:30 we will have a tasting of the wines of Le Piane, from the northern region of Piedmont called Boca with the winemaker-owner, Christoph Kunzli. The wines are familiar to some of you as we've been selling "La Maggiorina" red for some time. He will also be opening some of his better bottles for our and your enjoyment.
In the early 90's Christoph bought a very small vineyard in the Novara region of NE Piedmont in Boca. Realizing the great possibilities for winemaking in this historic area he has cleared and planted land until he had enough to commercially bottle his distinct style. We are the beneficiaries of his vision and skill. Mostly Nebbiolo with Vespolino and the native Bonarda added for complexity, they are big wines with a silky elegance. not to be missed. Stop by, have a glass or two, talk to Christoph and I'm sure he'd sign a label or two for your cellar.

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Dom said...

Eric, I'm looking forward to that one. Count me in. Dom