Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Just as I had hoped, the tasting was very popular last night. We had appx. 35-40 people and all seemed to enjoy the excellent selection from Adonna wines, the importer who hosted the event. As an added bonus two fellow bloggers( and were in attendance and added quite interesting comments and opinions. In fact I'm so lazy today I am going to defer to Richard at foodie to supply my material. Saw this morning he already had his blog up and running concerning the tasting and thought an independent critic would be fun. Try the two blogs--they are quite good. Remember there will be no tasting next week, the 12th. Return to action the 19th with emerging countries. --Greek, Swiss, Austria, Luxembourg, etc. Obviously they are "emerging" only in the import sense. Wine has been a staple there for centuries. Come and see what they have to offer today.
Three very interesting items in stock for Valentines day. 1. Trentadue Chocolate Amore, yes sounds very contrived and commercial but the stuff is an after dinner dream come true. Made with Merlot in a port stlye but with chocolate infused in. I'm having difficulty keeping my hands off. Also #2 A great value in Rose Champagne from a hitherto unknown Beaumont des Crayeres. Beautiful copper-pink and as tasty as wines costing $20 more. and #3. A beautiful "Cerdun de Bugey" Rose from Patrick Bottex in the Savoie region of France. Come in Sunday after 3:00 and maybe we'll open a couple.


plugman said...

Eric, Great event last night. Sally and I were quite taken by the blend from Northern Piedmont and the Chianti. Good legs on these guys.... And, of course, there was Sally's "push me over with a feather" Riesling (sp?).
It sounds very tempting to drop in Sunday afternoon. I love rose sparklers! Cheers, your neighbor upstairs. John

Taster A said...

Hi Eric, Great tasting, we had a great time meeting your new clients and Eileen. You have a great wine store and we are looking forward to your great success!

Plugman, did you buy that last bottle of Solatione 2004 Chianti Classico? Shoot, we wanted it! Oh well, you snooze, you looze!